It’s Back to school time and that means having all of the shots needed to be safe and meet requirements to attend. 

Dr Nicole Bruno tackles the questions about school required vaccines ( click here )

Requirements following the AAP guidelines  and recommendations per age are the following: 

     Daycare (0-2yrs old): Should complete the primary vaccination series by two years old.  Review the CDC and AAP guidelines

          here ( click here

     Primary School (VPK/ kindergarten): MMR, Varicella, Dtap, IPV.   Review the CDC and AAP guidelines here ( click here )

     Middle school/ 7th grade (11-12yrs old): Tdap, Menactra (Meningitis A), HPV

     16yrs old: Meningitis A and start Meningitis B Series

     College:Tdap booster and any additional  college requirements 

Make your appointment today or check the portal ( click here ) to see if your child is due for a wellness visit or vaccines.