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How to Limit Kids Screen Time to Less Than 2 Hours

How to Limit Screen Time to Less Than 2 Hours a Day

Screens, screen, we are surrounded by screens all day!! As screens become more and more a part of our day it is even more important to spend less time on them when done with work and school. 2 hrs or LESS of screen time is recommended for everyone. Start a timer, make a chart, start keeping track and then start limiting to less than 2 hours of screen time on TV, video games, and the phone. There is also an App for that.

Ideas to help control kids screen time:

How to set up Screen Time for Your Child

WiFi Blocker App

Best Parental Control Apps to Monitor and Limit Screen Time

Stepping Away from Screen Time

Stepping Away from Screen Time

Average screen time for children has been documented up to 8 hours a day. Its time to take some of the control back especially during the school year.  In addition to the apps for parental controls here are some ideas to help you engage your child in the process.

Ideas to help control screen time

Helpful tips to step away from the screen

Earning your screen time will decrease in family fighting over chores. You win, they win and there is less screen time as a side effect. Some ideas:

  • No screen time during the week after school or limited (like no video games)
  • Hold the wifi password hostage until chores are complete. Very helpful in the summer and on weekend.
  • Time spent: For every hour spent cleaning your room you get 15 minutes of screen time, etc..

Good Luck!

The AAP recommends NO SCREEN TIME under the age of 2. It is habit forming, it inhibits speech development and it causes sleep disturbance.