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Island Coast Pediatrics 5210 Program

Our providers at Island Coast Pediatrics care about the health and well being of your child and family.

Please use this resource as a tool to help create healthy habits for your family for lifelong health and disease prevention.

Below you will see links to more information on each of the core values of the "5210" program.

I encourage you to start with ZERO and constantly work on getting FIVE.

This life is a fantastic journey, not a race. Small changes today help you create a healthier tomorrow.

Let's Go!

5210 Program

Let's Go !!!

5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

More Fruits and vegetables with a goal of 5 servings a day!! Fruits and vegetables need to be at the core of every meal.

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2 hrs or LESS
of screen time is recommended for everyone. Start a timer, make a chart, start keeping track and then start limiting to less than 2 hours of screen time a day.

2 Hours or Less of Screen Time

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It is recommended that every child gets 60 minutes of activity every day to maintain health. Your heart is a muscle too!!

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Zero sugary drinks, more water and lowfat unflavored milk!!  

Most important first step in any weight loss journey is to get rid of all of the empty calories in soda, juice and fruit punch.


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