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Physical Activity and Healthy Kids

GOAL !!! One Hour of Physical Activity Everyday

It is recommended that every child gets 60 minutes of activity every day to maintain health. Your heart is a muscle too!! It needs a workout with moderate to vigorous activity. Adults too! You need 5 hours a week so invite your child to play, go for a walk and spend some quality time with your child being active.

Helpful Links:

Physical Activity as a Reward

Local Resources

Taking it Outside:

Exercise helps your body is so many ways! It improves your mood, helps you get a good night sleep and improves your retention of all of the information your child has learned today in addition to help maintain a healthy weight. In addition time spent outside has been linked to improved mood are happier, healthier, smarter and more creative, more optimistic, more focused and more confident. Getting outside can even prevent diabetes, behavioral disorders and depression.

  • Make a list of nature activities that your kids want to do and then use those activities as rewards
  • Have them help you with yard work
  • Help them plant a garden
  • Go explore nature with a community group.
  • Dr. Bruno walks in Estero recreation center every Thursday afternoon at 5:30pm (other than the first thursday of the month)
  • Dr. Padilla hosts a birding walk the third Saturday of the month form November to April at the Six Miles Cypress Slough Preserve (call ahead for a spot)