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Zero Sugary Drinks : Say No to Sugar

Zero sugary drinks, more water and lowfat unflavored milk!!

Say No to Sugar

Most important first step in any weight loss journey is to get rid of all of the empty calories in soda, juice and punch.

Try to avoid eating anything with obvious sugar. For the not so obvious sugar read the label, it is there. Here you will find some great resources to help you navigate the foodstore, the label and your food. Even better, if it doesn't have a label no need to work so hard.

Water, fruits, and vegetables don&'t have a label. Start there!

Calculating Sugar Intake

Divide Sugar in grams by 4 to figure out your teaspoons.

(eg. Soda 40 grams of sugar = 10 teaspoons)

Daily limit:

  • Men 8-9 teaspoons a day
  • Women 6 teaspoons a day
  • Children 4 teaspoons of sugar DAILY

Start Now

Start paying attention to how much Sugar you are consuming by writing it down. Then keep decreasing until down to less than 10 teaspoons a day.

Recommended Sugar Intake Per Day Infographic

How to calculate sugar in your drink?

Watch the video on how to calculate the sugar in your drink.

How Much Sugar Do You Drink?